Coaching can take place in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.

El coaching se puede hacer en ingles, español, frances o portugues.

After over four years of coaching over sixty individuals, here is a presentation of the coaching that I offer:

Do you remember the ‘career advisor’ that came to talk to us in school in order to help orientate us (often in a fairly general fashion) towards our future career? Coaching starts out from the same principle, but the difference is that we take the time to listen, to understand and to choose. Finally, and most importantly, we take action together and we make concrete steps in real life, not just on a piece of paper. We do not take care of you, we do not assist you; rather, we accompany you in order to make progress together. The customer and coach work together, hand in hand, partners in achieving the dreams of each individual.

Personalised Coaching

This coaching gives you the opportunity to be accompanied through the process of different kinds of change:


Emotional and Interpersonal Communication Coaching

    This is what I am hearing from you: I want to win over this man or woman but he or she can’t see it or doesn’t want me, I was left by my boyfriend or girlfriend and I want to get them back I interest people but not the ones that interest me […]

Professional Coaching

  How do I find a new job that suits me better? I can’t get motivated by myself to apply to all of these general sites. I don’t even know the specialised sites for my field and I’m procrastinating at home. I keep putting my dreams off ’til tomorrow and still work at a job […]


What This Coaching Offers


It takes place over 7 weeks, with 7 lessons:

  • 2 4-hour theoretical lessons
  • 5 5-hours practical action lessons

A total of 33 hours of coaching. This coaching includes:

  • Personal accompaniment with long-term follow-up (continuing beyond the end of the final coaching session)
  • You are coached by a professional coach with a Coaching Series training diploma
  • A code of conduct, ethics and confidentiality is respected
  • International coaching
  • A true 7-week series of sessions and support
  • A network of former customers to contact, if you wish to create a group dynamic
  • The experience of a coach who has worked with over 60 individuals in 6 different countries

If you are interested in coaching, please contact me directly on the Contact page.


Why Coaching?


If we think that we know how things work, we run the risk of slowly stagnating into complacency, contenting ourselves with a simple life. Passion and a desire to learn are motors for change and with this comes belief in this change: I call this faith. It is not religious faith but the confidence of being able to instil change despite failures, doubts, and difficulties. We must pay attention that we don’t stop being able to learn once we reach our goals: learning lasts a lifetime!

I congratulate you for taking the first step towards change, and that first step is starting to act. Being active in your life rather than sitting back and being spectator takes a great amount of courage. Calling on the help of a coach also takes a great amount of humbleness. I would do anything to help you make progress, without counting the clock: my objective is to achieve your objectives.

Do you really want to move forward? To what extent are you ready to give up your current life and habits in order to change?




Great Progress

5 5 1
Raphael helped me out with my relationship and dating skills while in Panama. Being an international person he showed his understanding of cultural and social differences and was able to provide accurate guidance in my home country. Thanks to him I was able to find motivation and make great strides in my personal life.

Life Changing Experience

5 5 1
It is really impressing the amount of knowledge and experience Raphael has about comunication and social relationships and how easily he manages to teach you. After sarging with him, picking up girls was soooo easy! We've became very good friends and I can say that today he is responsible for the success that I have with women. It was a life changing experience.
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