Who am I?

I am a project management training engineer.

I speak French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

I am passionate about dancing; travel; knowledge of the world, the self, and others; and learning.

I am an interpersonal relationship fulfilment coach.

You can write to me at: epanouissement-relationnel@hotmail.com or find me on the Facebook page dedicated to this blog: Raphael Epanouissement!

My story:

Since my early childhood I have been searching for the truth about life and an understanding of the world and of others. One of the keys to progress, beyond books, oral learning, seminars and coaching, is the desire to learn and to live out one’s passions.

I study tools such as psychology, sociology, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, philosophy, religion, Buddhism, spirituality, personal development and all other sources of learning that help to understand oneself, understand others, communicate and most importantly make sense of one’s life and make one’s dreams come true.

When I was young, I spent a long time insecure and depressed. I worked hard on myself in order to overcome my fears and progress, to regain myself confidence and potential. It has been through facing life’s obstacles that I have learnt the most.

Here is a story from my own life that illustrates the importance of perseverance to making one’s dreams reality:

It took me eight months to manage to secure an international business programme position as an engineer in Latin America. During the first month of my search I applied to all of the positions that I could find, on all the different recruitment sites. At this point, I received a call from Alstom for a mission that I did not finally secure, due to a lack of experience in testing and validation. I therefore found myself a job in Paris in a similar role, in Spanish, on a project in Caracas. However, I continued to apply for roles in Latin America whenever I had the time. Eight months later, I applied again for a position with Alstom, and I was shocked to receive a call from the same person in HR that had contacted me eight months earlier! The position had already been taken but, thanks to my perseverance and my desire, she found me a similar role that was better suited to my profile.

Consequently, I worked for a year in an international business programme on the opening of Panama’s metro line 1 as a project management, organisation and monitoring manager. I succeeded in securing this position because I was determined, and despite the failures, I only saw one way of progressing and advancing towards my dream: continuing to believe in it. For eight months I applied for all possible roles and finally destiny winked my way, turning my first attempt into my eventual success. I never doubted or gave up on my dream to go to work in Latin America, it simply remained under construction!

This experience in Latin America changed my life. I created my coaching business in Panama and I then travelled by myself for several months in several different countries: Cuba, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. I learnt to tango in Buenos Aires in one month and Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, I learnt how to deal with both solitude and an over-proliferation of relationships: in both cases, it is important to hold on to one’s identity. I learnt to know myself and to develop as an individual, to bring my dreams to life – particularly by paragliding in Medellin and hang-gliding in Rio de Janeiro.

There are still many dreams left for me to achieve: I want to skydive, to travel around Africa, go to countries that I have not visited in Asia, learn Italian, visit Tibet and the Buddhist masters, bring my improvised theatre to the stage, and live a month or longer in an eco-village in India. For the time being I hope to work as a business engineer. In any case, life is short, we have to prioritise our dreams and the rest can wait!

Do you want to turn your reality into a dream or your dreams into a reality?

What are the five most beautiful moments of your life? They’ve often come when you’ve taken risks, haven’t they?

List of my interests

  • Travel
  • Communication, Psychology, Sociology
  • Business Strategy, Management, Organisation
  • Eco-villages, Sustainable Development, Ecology, Renewable Energy
  • Humanitarianism
  • Personal development, Coaching
  • Yoga, Meditation
  • Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Latin Dance: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Zouk, Kizomba, Tango
  • Music: Piano and Guitar
  • Learning

You can write to me on the contact page: epanouissement-relationnel@hotmail.com or find me on the Facebook page dedicated to this blog: Raphael Epanouissement!

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