The blog: What you will find

“Be happy and understand, learn and give, love, and in order to this, know yourself and communicate efficiently. Achieve your dreams.”

Feature articles on:

  • fulfilment
  • relationships
  • communication
  • coaching
  • key issues and criticism

This blog is dedicated to subjects that deal with love, emotions, and feelings, and, more broadly, communication, seduction, human relationships and personal development.

My objective is not to make you great seducers, but accomplished men and women!

Here you will find articles dealing with human relationships but also with ways of learning. I will speak about self-fulfilment and well-being, which are often linked to the term personal development, defined as follows:

  • advancement, progression, evolution and improvement in one’s personal and professional life
  • acquiring new skills and capabilities
  • improvement of one’s way of thinking and way of seeing things
  • working on the self, acquiring experience in order to better be oneself
  • self-confidence
  • knowing and being clear about what one wants in life
  • developing one’s communication skills

The term fulfilment is key: its aim is not a competitive one but an aim to be achieved for oneself. It consists of working on oneself: you will always and only be your sole adversary and the objective will be to go beyond your own limitations.

‘Interpersonal relationships’ come about through communication with others; the link between humans. This is not solely ‘personal development’ but ‘collective development’, which we will also go on to talk about: how to progress together.

The terms personal development and seduction go together because it is by doing that we love and are passionate about, that which makes us happy, that we are at our most seductive. It’s by letting go and enjoying that we are the most attractive and that we increase our level of well-being.

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